May 26, 2018

Pink Eye Symptoms

One of the most obvious symptoms of pink eye is made quite evident by its very name, as the eyes often appear pink. However, there are other signs of this condition, as well. Knowing the most common pink eye symptoms may help you determine whether you have it, or possibly have a different eye condition altogether.

Symptoms Common to All Forms

The eyes are not the only parts that are red, as the eyelids also often become red and inflamed. They also swell up, which makes it obvious to others that you may have pink eye. However, a change to the appearance of your eyes is not all that occurs with this condition, nor should it be considered the worst symptom.

You will likely notice more tears than usual, as it may feel like there is something in your eyes. This can be uncomfortable, especially if you usually wear contact lenses. Photophobia, or sensitivity to light, usually follows, along with itchiness and burning. Though these are very common pink eye symptoms, you should still visit a doctor to make sure this is what you have, as chronic dry eye and allergies are two conditions that carry similar symptoms.

Symptoms Unique to Each Type

Though all forms of pink eye have these signs, there are a few pink eye symptoms that differ depending on whether you have the bacterial or viral type. For example, the discharge often looks different, as the viral condition includes watery, clear discharge, while the bacterial form features green or yellow secretions. Additionally, you will likely notice cold-like symptoms when you have viral pink eye. On the other hand, bacterial pink eye usually results in you waking up with dried discharge keeping your eyes stuck shut. Noticing these varying pink eye symptoms may help you discern between the two main types, though it is still important to get an official diagnosis from your eye doctor before getting treatment.