September 24, 2017

Treating Pink Eye at Home

While it is important to head to the doctor to get treatment for pink eye, it is nice to be able to treat it at home if you cannot see a medical professional right away. Fortunately, there are a few home remedies that allow anyone to be able to reduce discomfort while waiting to see […]

Pink Eye Medication

If you are interested in pink eye medication, you should know that not every case of this condition is eligible for it. In fact, only a few types can be helped by pink eye medication, which means that you may need to seek other kinds of treatment. Find out if the kind of pink eye […]

How to Get Pink Eye

One of the best ways to learn how to avoid a medical condition is learning how people often get it to begin with. For this reason, knowing how to get pink eye may help you actually avoid it. Just consider the many ways that this condition often spreads. Germs The contagious forms of pink eye, […]

Early Signs of Pink Eye

It is not always clear when you are developing a case of pink eye. This is because there are so many eye conditions out there, many of which have similar symptoms, that it can get confusing. Knowing the early signs of pink eye can help you get it treated as soon as possible, or at […]

Symptoms of Pink Eye in Adults

Many adults wonder if they can get pink eye from their children, as this condition is often passed around at elementary schools. The answer is that adults can in fact get pink eye, which is also called conjunctivitis, and the symptoms of pink eye in adults are the same as the ones in children. They […]